Zhuzhou Buytop
Tungsten Carbide Co., Ltd.

BUYTOP’s carbide end mills and drills are designed to excel in profiling, finishing, roughing, pocketing, and slotting operations for a variety of materials including titanium, super alloys, hardened steels, stainless steels, steels, cast iron, graphite, brass & copper, high silicon aluminum, low silicon aluminum, composites, plastics, and wood. End mills & drills are manufactured to support customers in numerous industries, including aerospace, automotive, heavy equipment, medical, and mold & die. Many in stock and ready to ship.


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    We are here-Germany Hanover Machine Tool Exhibition

    2023 The German Hanover Machine Tool Exhibition (EMO), exhibition time: September 18th to September 23rd, 2023, exhibition location: Germany-Hanover -messegelände 30521 Hannover Germany-Hannover Conference Center The area of the exhibition: 190,000 square meters, participating audiences: 160,000...

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    Tungsten 3D Printer Extruder Nozzles Tungsten Carbide Printing Nozzles for CR Ender Series

                BUYTOP is serious about innovating and improving the 3D printing experience. Check out all the design features in our tungsten carbide nozzle. Ultra Wear-Resistant: The high hardness of Tungsten Carbide ensures long use and smooth extrusion experience....